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The Best Lesson Video Contest invites science students to demonstrate their best lesson on video. Great teachers inspire students to pursue a higher education in science and engineering. They communicate difficult concepts with ease. And they make science fun. Are you a great teacher? Can you explain the laws of physics and link them to the design and construction of a mouse trap car so that students really get it? Wouldn’t it be great to share those lessons with us? Well, here is your chance. Simply have your students shoot a video, reproducing one of your lessons and submit it to the Monaco Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix. Winning entries will be shown on the Monaco Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix Web Site and at the Gala Dinner of the event and will receive a cash prize to spend on scientific equipment for the school!


Best Lesson Contest Rules

  • The teachers will give a lesson on a law of physics related to the construction of the mousetrap car.

  • Groups of maximum 2 students will the reproduce the lesson on video and submit their product to participate in the selection for the final prize.

  • The length of the video should be between 2 and 7 minutes long.

  • The video should be in English or in your original language with English subtitles.

  • The video made for educational purposes should be posted via YouTube channel.

  • The video must contain original material from the teacher and students and not violate any copyright law.

  • Submissions become the property of the Monaco Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix and may be reprinted, posted on their respective web sites, and/or shared via other forms of media.

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