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The Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix’s program main aim is to promote Science and Engineering among middle and high school students with a fun race among model cars, powered by a mousetrap, designed and built by the students in each of the participating school. The program’s aim is not to select with an absolute comparable method the overall finalists and the final winners but to promote science and engineering with high school students and to give to the students the opportunity to have fun while learning through the construction and by racing their car in their school. In fact, the most important part, i.e. the challenge of design and construction of the cars, will take part in the schools. The opportunity to be selected and invited to participate to the final mousetrap race in Monaco and to attend to the Formula One Grand Prix should be only an additional incentive to run the program in the schools.


The objective of the race is to have students design and build a vehicle that is powered solely by the supplied mouse trap, and activated by tripping the original mousetrap trip mechanism. The vehicle will have to travel to a 10 meter line in the shortest amount of time (acceleration category) or to a 5-meter line and then reverse back to the start line in the shortest amount of time (advanced category), or to travel to a 10 meter line in a given time (Regularity Rally category), it will have to be build with an innovative and creative design (innovation & creativity category). 



  • By February 15th - Schools must subscribe by filling out the online application and pay the application fee to receive the mousetraps – the sooner you apply the sooner you can start building! 

  • By March 15th - Students will design and build their mousetrap car using the mousetrap received by the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix and compete in a school race. The school will send to the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix the information of best 3 performing vehicles by filling out the online form. These vehicles may be selected for the final race in Monaco during the Historic Grand Prix.

  • By April 2nd- The Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix technical committee will select the vehicles which will compete in the final race, the vehicles selected to participate in the innovation and creativity final contest and the lessons participating in the final best lesson contest and inform the school by email. The selection criteria takes into account several factors like most performing vehicles, most innovative, most interesting, best effort ect. All decisions by the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix committee are final and unappealable.




  • THE MONACO MOUSETRAP CAR GRAND PRIX is open to all the schools with students in grades six to twelve (or the equivalent).

  • Participant teams are composed of a maximum of 2 students.

  • A valid application must be submitted using the application form by the deadline with the application fee payment.

  • In all aspects of the projects, participants must maintain integrity.

  • The vehicles built by the students must be powered by a the mousetrap supplied by the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix.

  • The mouse trap cannot be physically altered

    • No other energy source may be added (e.g.CO2 Cartridge, batteries, elastic strings, rubber bands, etc.) 

    • Hardware may be added to the mousetrap, but the original hardware and mounting block may only be altered to attach it to the vehicle. The mousetrap may not be disassembled and then reassembled.

    • The spring from the mouse trap cannot be altered or heat treated.

    • The mouse trap's spring cannot be wound more than its normal travel distance or 180 degrees.

    • The vehicles must not receive an external push in any direction.

    • The standard mousetrap must be mounted to the chassis and must not be painted or decorated.

    • By definition a vehicle is a device with wheels and/or runners. launching a ball or another object from the mouse trap or the mousetrap itself  will be ruled illegal. The entire vehicle must leave the start line and travel as one unit.

  • The vehicle may not start with additional potential and/or kinetic energy other than what can be stored in the mouse trap's spring.

  • Vehicle must roll or coast along the ramp. All wheels must stay in contact with the surface at all times.

  • Timing of the vehicle will begin when any part of the vehicle passes over the start line and will ends when that same point of the vehicle passes a second time over the same start/finish line.

  • For the Advanced Category, the entire vehicle must pass over the 5 meter line before return to the start/finish line.

  • Students are allowed to make changes and improve their projects between the internal school race and the Grand Prix final as long as all rules and regulations are followed.

  • No changes, except repairs due to a genuine incident, are permitted after the timed practice. The configuration of the car that performed the timed practice must be the same of the the car entering into the final.



  • ACCELERATION – The winner of this category will be the vehicle that travels to a 10 meter line in the shortest amount of time. 

  • ADVANCED – The winner of this category will be the vehicle that travels to a to a 5-meter line and then reverse back to the start line in the shortest amount of time.

  • ENDURANCE - The winner of this category will be the vehicle that travels to the furthest distance possible.

  • INNOVATION AND CREATIVITY – The winner of this category will be the vehicle that is  built with the most innovative and creative designs.

  • REGULARITY RALLY – The winner of this category will be the vehicle that travels to a 10 meter line in the closest time to a 7 seconds standard. 

  • BEST LESSON - The winner of this category will be the lesson which will be recognized as the best in explaining with ease how to tie and apply the laws of physics and the engineering formulas to the realization of a mousetrap car for an acceleration performance. 


  • The teachers will give a lesson on a law of physics related to the construction of the mousetrap car.

  • Groups of maximum 2 students will the reproduce the lesson on video and submit their product to participate in the selection for the final prize.

  • The length of the video should be between 2 and 7 minutes long.

  • The video should be in English or in your original language with English subtitles.

  • The video made for educational purposes should be posted via YouTube channel.

  • The video must contain original material from the teacher and students and not violate any copyright law.

  • Submissions become the property of the Monaco Mouse Trap Car Grand Prix and may be reprinted, posted on their respective web sites, and/or shared via other forms of media.




  • All student teams must attend with an adult supervisor.

  • Vehicles will be checked for specifications and impounded prior to the performance event.

  • Prior to the start order from the starter, the concerned vehicle(s) must be in a “ready, stationary, hands-off” position, with the whole vehicle behind the start line.

  • The student must wait until the starter gives the “GO” start order. If the vehicle moves prior to this, a “False Start” will be declared by the starter.

  • Only one “False Start” will be allowed . Two “False Starts” disqualifies the vehicle.

  • Students may not touch or interfere with the vehicle once the trigger has been activated.

  • For stopwatch reasons, the side front profile of the car (i.e. the car side profile which is in front of the vertical plane containing the front wheel axis) must not change during the race. Specifically, when crossing the start or the finish line, no mobile component of the propulsion mechanism should protrude this profile and cause the stopwatch. A valid stopwatch is the one determined either by a fixed part of the bodywork or by the wheels (in the case that the wheels are spoked, they must be covered externally, possibly by a sheet of aluminium, so as to ensure the interruption of the timing beam).


  1. In the case of Acceleration & Advanced categories, individual timed practice sessions will be performed to identify the pairs of cars     (1st against 2nd, 3rd against 4th etc..) that will then compete in a one on one elimination race to determine the final ranking.​In case of parity or genuine incident during the elimination trial, resulting in a no competitor finishing, the race director, after consultancy with the track scrutineers, can decide whether to repeat the battle or to make the difference according to the performance obtained during the individual timed session (repechage times are not considered). This decision will be final and must be accepted. No appeal will be possible.

  2. For the advanced category, the individual performances will be validated only if the entire car will have crossed the finish line of the first 5 meters before going back for the other 5 meters.

  3. For the “Regularity Rally” category, the time that is closest to the 7 seconds set to pass on the 10-meter line will determine the winner. There will be not a one to one elimination race.


  • A symbolic fee of 10 euros for each mouse trap sent to the school will be requested by the Monaco Mousetrap Grand Prix and is to be paid in advance via wire transfer to ENGECO SAM MOUSETRAP on the following IBAN: MC58 1273 9000 7005 6585 0000 017, stating the school name and the number of mousetraps requested.




  • All the materials needed by the participating schools are a smooth 10mt surface and a manual or electronic stopwatch with or without photocell.




  • Schools should assist the students by teaching them the necessary laws of physics to build their vehicle.

  • We strongly encourage schools to teach students the basic physics needed to build their vehicles.

  • In the spirit of the initiative all students who take time and effort to participate should be recognized for the willingness to improve their scientific knowledge. We will provide the schools with the template to make diplomas and medals for the internal race. 

  • Please make sure all participating students read and adhere to the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix code of conduct at all times.

  • Invitations to participate in the final race will be sent to the teachers. Teachers and students are expected to arrive in Monaco on the day of the Race for the registration at the address that will be communicated in the invitation letter. The Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix race will take place on Monday morning. 

  • At the final race it is highly recommended to bring spare parts or backup models of your prototypes in case something is needed.




  • The track must be arranged on a smooth, level floor or non-carpeted area of 10mt of length and 1mt of width per racing vehicle.



  • The students and their teachers, invited to participate to the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix, will receive:

    • A chance to participate in the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix, awards will be given by a Monegasque authority.

    • Free accommodation on Saturday and Sunday night (when the travel distance from Monaco justifies such a necessity).

    • 4 tickets to attend the cocktail where guest speakers will address the students.

    • Tickets to watch Monaco Historic Grand Prix from a prime location (either on the circuit or in the prestigious Tunnel Riva.

    • The winners of the Best Lesson contest will also receive a cash prize to buy lab equipment for their school.

    • An award will be also assigned by the MTCC to the mouse trap car that has the most elegant design (Elegance Riva).



  • Participation in the activities of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prixoffers many perks and privileges. At the same time finalists, adult supervisors, and guests are expected to fulfill certain responsibilities and obligations, including complying with this Code of Conduct of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix.

  • Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix will provide an environment in which all individuals are treated with respect. Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix does not discriminate based on gender, age, national origin, ethnicity, religion, economic status, disability, political belief, sexual orientation, academic, artistic, or athletic ability. 

  • Participants in Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix programs and activities will conduct themselves in a manner consistent with this Code of Conduct of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix. Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix reserves the right to disqualify any participant from any or all activities, who is deemed in violation of any conduct of this code of conduct. 

  • All persons involved in Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix will:
    a) maintain and enhance the dignity and self-esteem of participants in all events;
    b) demonstrate respect for individuals regardless of gender, ethnic or racial origin, sexual orientation, age, marital status, religion, political belief, disability or economic status;
    c) direct comments or criticism appropriately and avoid public criticism of, but not limited to, finalists, judges, delegates, committee members, volunteers, adult supervisors, guests, staff and others;
    d) demonstrate ethical conduct and practices.
    e) abstain from tobacco, alcohol, and the non-medical use of drugs;
    f) refrain from any behaviour that constitutes harassment, where harassment is defined as comment or conduct, directed towards an individual or group, which is offensive, abusive, racist, sexist, degrading or malicious;
    g) refrain from any behaviour that constitutes sexual harassment, defined as unwelcome sexual advances or unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature;
    h) comply at all times with the policies, rules and regulations;
    i) make sure to maintain appropriate attire in all programs and events) be courteous and cooperative when asked by organizing committee to share a room.

  • All adults at Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix events will:
    a) ensure the reasonable consumption of alcoholic beverages in social situations.
    b) ensure that expectations for finalist behaviour and conduct are made clear to the finalists in their charge;
    c) provide supervision for the finalists in their charge in a manner that fulfils what a judicious parent would expect. While adults are not expected to be physically present with their finalists 24 hours a day, finalists should have physical access to their adult supervisor 24 hours a day;
    d) provide supervision and or assistance to other finalists at the events when the need arises or if help is requested by a finalist or another delegate;
    e) communicate and cooperate with the parents/guardians of finalists and ensure that parents/guardians are aware of the expectations for their children at the Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix event and the range of consequences for misbehaviour by a finalist

  • f) understand the consequences of serious misbehaviour as described in this code of conduct of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix.

  • Finalists will:
    a) support and cooperate with every member of their Regional or National Team.
    b) adhere to the expectations set out in writing for them by their Regional Delegate or supervisor;
    c) attend and participate in all activities, tours and events that are part of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix;
    d) be punctual at all activities and events;
    e) attend their displays at all times during the judging period and during the period Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix is open to the public;
    f) ensure that their delegate or adult supervisor knows at all times where they are and with whom; 
    g) obtain their delegate or adult supervisor’s explicit permission before leaving the group; 
    h) respect all curfews explained to them by their delegate or supervisor;
    i) get sufficient sleep. 
    j) understand the consequences of serious misbehaviour as described in this code of conduct of Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix.

  • k) not engage in any activity that will bring the moral tone of any Monaco Mousetrap Car Grand Prix events into disrepute.

  • l)At the Monaco Historic Grand Prix: Be ready to present your project to the judges, visitors and journalists. Please practice and be ready  to briefly explain your work.

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