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Mr Marco Casiraghi and the Monaco Mousetrapcar Grand Prix Committee, have taken the decision to extend the virtual edition also for this year. The 2021 MONACO MOUSETRAP CAR GRAND PRIX Edition will be performed online. 



  • Use a standard mousetrap to build a small model of a car, the car must be able to move once the trap is triggered;

  • Upload by the 31st of May  a short video of max 90 seconds maximum on your Instagram page and tag us;

  • Add the following hashtags if you like #monacomousetrap, #monacomousetrap2021,   #monacomousetrapvirtualedition. 

  • We will repost each video on our instagram on the 8th of June;

  • Voting will be closed at midnight of the 15th of June.  

  • The video with the greatest number of likes on our instagram by  will be the winner;

  • The winners, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive a mousetrap polo shirt and a cash price of up to €100,00 in the form of an Amazon gift card.


In the hope that this calamity will end soon, we would like to transmit to all of you our best wishes, to you and to all your loved ones, to go beyond this moment in good health.


We look forward to seeing you in Monaco for the next edition!

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